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7 Random Things ::
Friday, January 2nd, 2009

7 Random Things

So I got tagged by Hey Lola, sort of, in this 7 Random Things meme.  Really I just wanted to try and come up with 7 random things because it seems fun.  She has some different rules which are:

"first, no tagbacks. me five dollars. Third...write some random stuff about yourself. Fourth...don't tag anybody else because seriously, this was supposed to be way easier than it was and finally...send me five dollars."

I guess I'm breaking rules one and five, but since she broke the original rules of the game, that makes it okay for me to break the rules too, right?  Right.

#1.  I can't sleep with my knees touching.  That feeling of bony knee against bony knee really grosses me out.  So I usually tuck a little bit of blanket between them, or a pillow or whatever.  There used to be this perfect knee-sized fish that Brett got from a Mardi Gras parade or something that we called "the knee fish" but we lost him somewhere.

#2.  Brett and I, before ever meeting each other, had the opportunity to meet 3 times before and somehow never did for years.  The first was at a New Year's Eve party in 2001 at a friend of a friend's house, the second was at a protest at an elemetary school in 2004 against the crazies from Westboro Baptist, and the third was a GED graduation ceremony...thing that we were both at for different people.  All of those events were relatively small.  There was also an Odd Arnie (the band Brett was in years ago) show that I went to, but I don't count that because I went to shows all the time.  On a side note, while I was looking at to remember when that protest was, I saw the archives of extremist events in Louisiana...I know I live in the south and it's pretty fucking racist here in some places, but I had no idea that so much white supremacist stuff goes on here.

#3.  I love coffee.  I know I've blogged about this before, but dude.  I have an account and (which is pretty fucking awesome, by the way) and I found out that I spend an absurd amount of money on coffee.  Since I got my mint account in September, I've spent more at coffee shops than I have at restaurants (not including fast food ones) and grocery stores combined.  Of course, maybe they don't realize that I buy most of my groceries at Target, but still.

#4.  I swear to god, if you ever need someone gullible to buy magazines so you can go on a trip to Cancun or something, come to my house.  I've fallen for it twice already.  Just now it wasn't to win a trip, it was to win some money to open up a business and the guy was all wearing a Sid Vicious shirt and talking about how he wanted to open this music store called Musik ist Macht, and he used to live in Germany, and how his girlfriend drew a star of David on his wrist earlier and apparently we have some Jewish neighbors who weren't happy about it when he admitted he isn't even Jewish, and how one of the other neighbors thought that the shirt he was wearing was a picture of him and he was actually sort of offended.  And then I shelled out $15 for some damn magazines (which I do want to get anyway) just because he's all charismatic and shit.  Last time it was $50, though, so this time...if I miss out on some magazines I won't be so pissed.

#5.  I can put together cute outfits no problem, but I am terrible at accessorizing.  I rarely wear jewelry, and when I do it's made of plastic or something.  I also hate picking out shoes to go with something specific.  I always imagine meeting someone for the first time, like at a job interview, and they're thinking "Ah, she looks nice.  Professional-looking outfit, very put together, AGH WHAT IS EATING HER FOOT?  THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!  Oh, a shoe??  Holy shit." 

#6.  I sort of collect Hello Kitty memorabilia.  I've done that since I was 13 or 14, and sort of stopped when they started selling it at Target.  It's not as fun when it's so easily accessible.  Don't worry, though, I won't turn out like this woman.  She's 32, believe it or not.

#7.  Last Winter I had this wierd allergy to the cold.  Like, by the time I walked from my car to class, I'd have big red splotchy hives on my neck and arms where they were exposed to the cold.  I was scared when we went to California that I'd jump in the water and die, or that my body would just break out in one giant hive.  It didn't happen, though, and hasn't happened yet this Winter, so maybe it's gone now. 

Jessica (Hey Lola), 01/13/09 5:40 PM

Ok, I get the knee thing and the shoe thing and the coffee thing. For real. The Hello Kitty thing? I've just never understood the fascination. The first three could have made you and I like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie when they were for real BFFs. But then you had to throw in Hello you're going to have to be my nemesis. I'm sorry. I didn't want it to turn out this way either. Just think of what could have been...

Dawn, 01/14/09 11:03 AM

Well, shit! I guess that means I have to start a reality show to find a BFF instead. Or was I going to be the Nicole? In which case I suppose I should start having babies to make into BFFs.

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