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A conversation with Brett ::
Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

A conversation with Brett

Me (3:18:09 PM): so these save the dates are making me mad
Me (3:18:13 PM): they're printing pixely
Brett (3:18:19 PM): hmm
Brett (3:18:24 PM): oh
Brett (3:18:29 PM): you may have to align the heads
Me (3:18:43 PM): i did
Brett (3:18:58 PM): where it prints those lines and you have to choose which one looks better?
Me (3:19:03 PM): yeah
Brett (3:19:13 PM): did you set it to highest quality?
Me (3:19:23 PM): yes
Brett (3:19:40 PM): did you adjust the maximum allotted print buffer for the queue?
Me (3:19:49 PM): what?
Brett (3:20:02 PM): unplug the usb and blow into it.  that always worked for my nintendo

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