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About Me ::
Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

About Me

First off, my name is Dawn.  I live with my boyfriend Brett and our crazy, super-shedding, antisocial dog Angel in Southern Louisiana. At this point you may be envisioning the three of us living on the edge of some swamp, plagued by hurricanes, alligators, and mosquitos--at least, that's what used to come to my mind when I thought of Louisiana.  In any case, you'd be partially right, as those links would suggest.  Brett and I are the masterminds behind AnimeBug, where we design and sell geeky t-shirts, primarily anime-related.  We also sell stuff at the local flea market, and have begun a new blog which will be launched and revealed as soon as it is ready.

I'm a Fashion Design and Merchandising student, though I'd like to have been an English or Graphic Design major.  I graduate in May, so I suppose it's a little late for switching now!  But I have a love for art and fashion, and I'm happy to be involved in it.  I really have so many interests that no matter what I'd have "settled" with, I would always wonder what would have happened had I chosen another route.  I blame my grandmothers, who have both been a huge inspiration to me whether they realize it or not.  One of them was a seamstress, and helped me brush up on my sewing skills as well as provided me with more notions, pattern and material than I know what to do with; and the other was the one who taught me to paint, bake, and be handy with a gluegun.  

If I had any free time right now I would engage in such activities as: knitting, quilting, making sock monkeys, designing more of my own clothes, painting, drawing, costume design, jewelry-making, writing a novel that's been typed and re-typed and deleted many times, and other related crafts.  Like I said, I have way too many interests.

After graduation, I plan on moving to Southern California with Brett and Angel (preferably Long Beach or Huntington Beach), hopefully with my sister in tow.  Maybe there I will find my calling and decide just what exactly I should do with my life!  Until then, here I am.

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