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Big news in DV-land! ::
Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Big news in DV-land!

A while back I started a list of "Things to do now that I've graduated and have entirely too much time on my hands" and you know what?  I haven't even had enough time to finish WRITING that list, let alone begin to do things listed on it!

Which at this one.  One thing, which was "Try my hand at some of The Scootabaker's recipes."

I'm a little preoccupied with other things...

like getting engaged!  Wedding planning is apparently serious business, so I'll leave that post for another time.  But for now I'm going to share the story with you:

We decided to "randomly" make a trip to New Orleans...we've done it before--gone out there just for fun, stay in a hotel near the good stuff, see what there is to see, just generally get out of the town we live in and see more exciting stuff.

It was a couple of weeks after our 3-year anniversary, so Brett wanted to make it a little more special.  He made reservations at a pretty famous New Orleans restaurant, Commander's Palace (Clue #1 that something was about to go down.  I, however, was oblivious.  We try new stuff all the time!)  I had never been to a place where each item is brought by a different server and you have a different for for each course.  I was wearing a black dress and when I sat (or, rather, when they sat me down) they provided me with a black napkin as opposed to the regular white ones.  Wouldn't want my napkin to clash with my dress you know! 

So.  Dinner was amaaaaazing.  I had a pecan-crusted fish with a magic-infused sauce of deliciousness.  Dessert was the Creole Bread Pudding souffle with Whiskey Sauce that I can't even begin to describe.  Queen of Desserts indeed. 

After dinner, when we received the bill there was something wrong with it.  Instead of a cheque, there was a, in an envelope.  It was sort of a thank-you from Brett's bosses.  Like...his bosses, at work.  The server (the main one, I guess) laughed and said something about how she loves seeing peoples' faces when they get those.  We were so confused.

As we left, I asked Brett why Mike and Bill would have paid for our fancy dinner.  He said something like, "um...I'll tell you later."  (Clue #2) I thought it was because we were within earshot of an employee or something, so I asked him again in the car.  He made up some excuse about how he's been working so hard at work lately, or something.  Okay.

Then Brett thought that since we were all dressed up, we should take some pictures.  He wanted to go on the levee so that the bridge would be in the background, set up the tripod, and take a couple of shots of us.  By this point I was a little sleepy and stuffed with the best meal of my life.  I was also wearing heels and didn't feel like traipsing all around town like that.  Oh, and I had to pee.  Needless to say, I was complaining a bit, but he kept pushing on and trying to make me go (Clue #3...Normally he'd just get all pouty and be like, "fine, we don't have to do it...") 

He set up the shot, started the timer, and this is what we got!:

Gettin Engaged

I...seriously had no idea.  When he pulled a box out of his pocket I was all, "wtf are you serious!  What's going on??"  I was just so completely oblivious the entire trip. 

Turns out he had told one of his bosses about making reservations, etc. and he figured it out on his own and wanted to help make the night special.

It was a great weekend!  We also did some other fun stuff...went to the Audubon Aquarium, saw Paper Heart, shopped a bit, hung out with one of our New Orleanean friends on Bourbon Street (the first to get to see the ring!), and went biking around the city.

Kind of stupidly, we set the date for March 13th.  I don't know what we were thinking, but it's starting to come together already.  I will post some more details about it as it happens!  (Don't worry, though...I won't be turning this into a wedding blog)

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