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California Vacation ::
Saturday, August 9th, 2008

California Vacation

Today is Brett's and my second to last day in California. It has been pretty awesome, though I am sort of ready to just sit back and stop doing stuff already! Every day has been pretty action-packed. I think my favorite part (aside from meeting Mr. Sebelia?) was staying in Huntington Beach on Tuesday. We spent the day attempting to bodyboard, photographing and filming surfers, eating at Ruby's, and walking around a little festival they had. Then before we went to bed we went down to the beach and looked out at the ocean and the stars (which were surprisingly visible considering all of the nearby cities). We stayed in the Huntington Surf Inn, in the best room overlooking the beach. It was really really nice (not the hotel. haha. That wasn't the nicest hotel ever, but our room was nice). Really, the entire vacation has been really amazing, but Huntington Beach is always my favorite. The atmosphere in HB is just awesome.

Pictures to come, and maybe videos too. I have them uploaded to my Myspace account, but maybe I will transfer them over to Youtube.


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