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Cute stuff? ::
Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Cute stuff?

OctopusNo recipe yet today; I'm sure you're all so terribly devastated!  Instead I have some new stuff for you to look at. 

At the beginning of this semester, when I was still relatively sane, I stopped by the University Book Store and picked up some art supplies.  I always like to try new stuff, so I picked up some ink pencils and waterbased pastels.  I'd never worked with either, so these are sort of an experiment, using some quick drawings.

Clicking on either one will bring you to the gallery, where you can see them (and anything else in there, while you're at it) full size.

I've decided that next month I may try and participate in NaBloPoMo.  I wanted to this month, but realized that was out of the question on the first day of December when I had to stay up all night writing a dreadful 19-page research paper.  Yes, 19 pages in one night.  Think I'm crazy?  Well, I made a 98% on it!  I've mentioned before that I do well with deadlines

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