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Happy Mardi Gras! ::
Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!

Okay so I hadn't posted in a little while and I had these big fantastic ideas about making up for it by posting some fun Mardi Gras stuff: talking about parades and king cake and whatever else.  I even had a video set up to share!  I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to first get it off of the recorder (it's not like I'd never done videos before!  I just couldn't remember how all of a sudden) and thennnn all this time trying to upload it directly from Youtube with the program it came with, and thennnn when that didn't work I finally figured out where on my computer went and uploaded it manually by myself. Then there's this waiting period where it has to be put live, which is why I'm talking about it today instead of yesterday.

So.  Here it is:

Yes.  It is one second long.  After all this time fussing with it, it turns out to be....1 second long.
So I guess you'll have to use your imagination. 

I don't know what it is that makes Mardi Gras so fun.

The  expensive alcohol (we spent $8 on 16-oz. daiquiris.  wtf)? 
The worthless beads, coins, and other plastic items thrown from the floats? 
Maybe the people all screaming for these worthless items and knocking each other all over the place? 
The kids who jump over the barricade between floats to get any stray beads, risking getting hit by the next float that comes by just because they want the beads that are shaped like disco balls? 
The street vendors who will sell you even more plastic junk that you don't even need? 

I have no idea.  But there really is something about catching the crap; it's a contest.  Who can catch the most stuff or, more importantly, who can catch the best stuff?  Brett is relatively tall and has long arms, so he always manages to catch the good beads.  (I don't know why we call them "beads," by the way.  It's not like they're individual beads; they're strings of beads).  You can always tell the special beads because they're wrapped in plastic.  The one he got last year was a plush hamburger that sang this song for some strange reason.  This year he caught a special bead with a movie camera on it.  I felt kind of bad for the kid next to him, whose arms weren't as long and therefore couldn't catch as much, so I gave him some of my beads, but he didn't seem very grateful.  That's the thing; it's not having the crap that's so fun--it's catching it.

Anyway...we got finished with some hundred or so regular beads, one string with fish-shaped beads, one with the movie camera on it, a plastic football, two plastic cups (which are the only things we probably won't throw away--we've got lots of them), a heart bracelet, and one doubloon. Oh!  And a beer.  Some girl on a float tossed Brett a beer, which I'm pretty sure is some kind of illegal and more of a New Orleans Mardi Gras thing than a Lafayette one, but we drank it anyway. 

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