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Hurricane Gustav ::

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    Wed Dec 31st 1969
    06:00 pm

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    "Write it all down. Without accurate records of the past, how can men and women be expected to avoid making serious mistakes in the future?"
    ~Bokonon (as per Vonnegut)

    Monday, September 1st, 2008

    Hurricane Gustav


    So, we didn't evacuate for the hurricane. I've been taking videos, and will continue to do so and upload as it goes.

    It's about 2 p.m right now, and it isn't too bad, but I want to update here before we lose internet or, worse, electricity.


    Will update more if I can!

    3:20 The eye of the hurricane is about an hour away from us now. Here are a couple more videos, taken at about 2:45:

    3:32 The power just went back and quickly came back on. I don't think it will on be much longer.

    4:30 We still have electricity! We decided to go walk around a bit, and I got this:


    Brett just busted out with the screwdrivers. With most stores being either closed or extremely busy yesterday, we couldn't get any Hurricane mix, and have to settle for screwdrivers instead.

    8:15 It all ended a couple of hours ago; now we're just bored! A curfew was put in place since 8:00. We did get a chance to drive around and see some damage, though, which can be seen here. Not a lot of really seroius stuff. There was only 1 death in Lafayette that we've heard so far--a man died when a tree fell on his house. Other than that, everything else I've heard hasn't been too horrible, and everyone I've spoken to is doing fine. We didn't lose electricity (yay!) but apparently something like a third of the city has.

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