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I've officially failed at NaBloPoMo ::
Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I've officially failed at NaBloPoMo

I have now officially failed at NaBloPoMo.  That's totally fine, though, because I DID make it 10 days in without skipping a day (although it looks like only 9--I had to remove one due to mentioning something I didn't quite have permission to blog about; it was making myself and the other person involved a little nervous), when before I couldn't even get myself to post more than twice a month.  It also got my writing juices flowing, and got me started writing for this restaurant review blog that's been waiting to be made (nothing is up yet, so I don't want to share it right away--when the site is completely finished, and my posts are officially published, I will share.)

I also don't quite call it a failure, because I think the bigger failure would have been forcing myself to write entries more mediocre than I'd like simply for the fact that it was a quantity-based challenge rather quality-based.  Still, though, I'd like to post daily whenever I can.

Oh continue where I left off:  I quit my new job already, and I feel horrible about it because she totally called me today and I ignored it so she left me a voicemail which, 6 hours later, I still haven't been able to bring myself to answer.  I still haven't obtained an internship.  Annnd class starts tomorrow and I am totally not ready. Oh yeah, and I'm almost not sick anymore!

There, I think you're caught up since the last time I was here.

andhari, 01/13/09 11:58 PM

nablopomo is pretty tough, i cant write under pressures and such..good for you to do it at least for a period of time.. ps. good luck for the school tomorrow :)

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