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Kenley Collins Arrested ::
Friday, March 20th, 2009

Kenley Collins Arrested

Kenley Collins (arrested)I guess I couldn't be considered a proper Project Runway fan if I didn't jump on the bandwagon and mention Kenley Collins' recent arrest, would I?  If you haven't heard already, Kenley was arrested and jailed recently for assaulting her boyfriend...with a cat.  And a laptop, to the face.  And some apples and water or something, but that's boring. 

So far, we've only heard that part of the story, though.  Surely she must have a reason?  I'm no advocator of violence or anything, and I don't want to seem as if I'm siding with her because I'm not.  Popeater says:

After getting released on bail, she told the New York Post that the whole thing "was a miscommunication" and simply "a break up that went badly."

A breakup that went badly.  That could mean a number of things!  Maybe he had been going all Chris Brown on her during their entire relationship and on this particular day, after watching some Rihanna video probably, she was all, "fuck this!" and went after him?  Yes, in his sleep --everyone knows that's the best time to beat up your abusive boyfriend.  People are going crazy and hating on Kenley when no one really knows what exactly happened.  In this interview, Tim Gunn:

Tim Gunn talks about her inappropriate laughing.  Yeah, if you've watched the show you probably got an earful of it.  But..."psychopathic"?  That's a little much, VH1!  Maybe she just had a slight case of die Shadenfruede.

Brett, 03/24/09 2:44 PM

Her boyfriend's name was Zac Penley??? It's a good thing they broke up. If they got married, her name would have been Kenley Penley!

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