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Meeting Jeffrey Sebelia ::

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    Wed Dec 31st 1969
    06:00 pm

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    "Ive become impatient when people claim they don't care about clothes. They still dress every morning, and if they are going to reject fashion, they still need clothes to show it. Style rebellion is still a form of self-expression."
    ~Miuccia Prada

    Friday, August 8th, 2008

    Meeting Jeffrey Sebelia


    Update 01/08/09: If you are looking for pictures of Jeffrey Sebelia and Cassandra Church, or a picture of Jeffrey with a mustache besides the one seen below, click here.

    *** should first be known that Brett and I have been fans of Project Runway ever since season 3. From the very beginning, we were fans of Jeffrey Sebelia, and we were glued to the TV every week in hopes that he would make it to the top. Brett liked him because of his "I'm the best" attitude, which everyone always says...but with Jeffrey he really meant it (same thing with Christian, another favorite of ourss, but that's another matter, another season). We never watched it on the night it came on (I was always at work), but we would watch it in the afternoon the next day or whatever.

    Then last summer we went to L.A., and while we were there we went to a place where Cosa Nostra was sold, joking that Jeffrey might for some reason be there. Of course, he wasn't, and we didn't really expect him to be...4 million people live in L.A. so the chance that we would see him is...1 in 4 million, really. But it became a running joke. Every time we mentioned moving to Southern California, Brett would joke that I should try and get a job with Jeffrey. When I had to do a career interview for some class, he joked that I should interview Jeffrey. It just became this thing. Really, it was because being a fan of PR is the closest to being a fashion guy Brett gets, so anytime fashion is mentioned he relates it to that show. Fast forward to this summer and imagine our surprise when we run into him in Little Tokyo! A 1 in 4 million chance, people!

    We went in to L.A. on Wednesday with Brett's mom, his aunt, and his uncle, to look for some toys wholesale. Ever since the success of Mechacon (I didn't mention that, did I? We were dealers for Mechacon and it was a success. Enough said), we decided that we were going to try and get more into the licensed products. So his aunt and uncle, who used to shop regularly in the wholesale district, decided to take us out there and show us the ropes, so to speak. Well, after a few hours of Brett and I being overwhelmed and indecisive (and the heat in those shops!), we decided to get some food. We ate at this awesome place in Little Tokyo (the name of which I can't remember now--I wish I could, they had amazing beef curry), and then we looked around for a bit. Myself, Brett's mom, and his aunt went to find a restroom, and the men stayed outside doing whatever while they waited.

    When we came out, I saw Brett talking to two random people. He says, "Look who I found!" and I'm thinking..."who in the hell do we know that would be all the way out here?" And I stared blankly before I realized that I was looking at Jeffrey Sebelia and his new wife, Cassandra Church. WTF? I let out an embarrassing, "hey!" as if we were long lost friends or something. And then we scrambled to find a camera and get this picture:

    Dawn and Jeffrey Sebelia

    (He has a crazy cool mustache now, which is why I didn't immediately recognize him. That's me trying to play it cool, when really I am completely thrown off by the whole thing.)

    Apparently, Brett saw him and asked him if he could wait just a second and he would get me, and Jeffrey said not to worry about it, that they could stop and smoke a cigarette anyway. How ridiculously awesome!

    We didn't hang around long after that or anything...Brett's family was all "who is that?" and it was kind of weird talking about him when they were like 2 feet away. Everyone was getting a little irritable and ready to get out of L.A. anyway, so we headed out., 11/04/08 8:10 PM


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