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My Donation to Hillary Clinton's campaign ::
Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

My Donation to Hillary Clinton's campaign

Yesterday I was excited to receive a letter from Hillary Clinton requesting a donation. Brett didn't get one. I guess that's what I get for being a registered female democrat. Anyway, it came with this form and a pre-paid envelope (I guess people who are sending a $5 donation don't want to spring for the extra 41 cents to send it). I wondered what would happen if I put a "$0" in the little amount box and sent it back. Then it would actually be costing her more money. Okay, okay, it's only 41 cents..but it would be fun anyway. Brett had a better idea:


That sticker is leftover from an Obama rally we went to a few months ago, in case you're wondering why it looks so used. It was on Brett's laptop.

Also, I can't pretend to understand the difficulties of running for president, and I know that you have to show appreciation for all of those who give you their support, but damn. I just don't think I could celebrate a victory for winning over a state that only gives you their vote because you're not black, or because they are just completely misinformed. I would have a hard time thanking these people for their votes:

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