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New favorite artist: Brian Dettmer ::

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    Wed Dec 31st 1969
    06:00 pm

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    "People look at an oil painting and admire the use of brushstrokes to convey meaning. People look at a graffiti painting and admire the use of a drainpipe to gain access."

    Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

    New favorite artist: Brian Dettmer

    So, I picked up a copy of Hi-Fructose magazine a couple of weeks ago and founbrian dettmerd a new favorite artist whose work made my jaw drop. I have always wanted to get into altered books, and Dettmer's work has inspired me even more. (click on the image to the right to see some of his work--that is not his official page, btw, which he states in a comment left there.)

    I will refrain from rehashing everyone else's comments, but I do want to quote "Laura":

    Doesn’t it seem like this would be an excellent way to advertise/market books to encourage children and young adults to read more? It expresses visually all the excitement inside, making the books seem like boundless little universes.

    I especially like the body part ones, which make it look as though we are peering into the actual body of the book.

    dettmer 2

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