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Photoblog 1: Angel's hobbies ::
Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Photoblog 1: Angel's hobbies

Polaroid t831I just got a new camera yesterday--nothing incredibly fancy or anything, a Polaroid t831.  I've probably owned 4 or 5 digital cameras before, but they were always the little cheap ones that you buy off the shelf.  This one should last longer and take better photos, so maybe I will have more fun stuff for you to look at, and thus will add another hobby to the growing list of activities that I intend to begin only to promptly forget about as soon as I find another.  "What's that?  A quilt?  OMG I CAN DO THAT!"

Angel is always my main photography subject, because thanks to Brett's obsessive picture-taking when he got HIS fancy new camera, she is used to having cameras shoved in her face often enough, and she is usually pretty okay with following orders and going where we make her go. 

Angel's hobby

For this one, she is displaying one of her own favorite hobbies: people-watching.  She sits on the balcony for hours watching cars, people, and other animals as they pass by.  Sometimes I wonder if she really wishes she were a human so that she could walk around outside whenever she wanted and take herself for rides in the car. If she could drive, she would probably just go around the block a few dozen times with her head out the window sniffing every inch of air that she could.  At least, that is what she does when we take her for rides.

Her other hobbies include sleeping, chasing bugs, getting bellyrubs, eating treats, tearing pieces of paper into shreds, eating underwear and her own poop, and running super fast*.


*horrible quality on that video due to the fact that the videocamera I used broke and I had to send it back to the company who made it.  They had to give me a new one, so they somehow managed to get that video onto a CD and whatever they did in order to do that sucks ass.  I will put a replacement video up when I can catch her doing it again.

Chris O, 10/11/08 4:29 AM

Angel Rocks!!!!

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