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Photoblog 4: Let it snow, let it snow ::
Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Photoblog 4: Let it snow, let it snow

This morning I woke up to snow on the ground!  This doesn't happen often in my part of the country; in fact, the last time I remember seeing real, stick-to-the-ground snow, was New Year's eve eight years ago. 

My phone was full of texts and voicemails from people informing me--unfortunately none of them woke me up, so I was a little late to see the snow actually falling.  By the time I got up, Mother Nature had already realized the mistake and started to undo it by sprinkling regular ol' Louisiana preciptation in the form of RAIN.  Being from Southern Louisiana I was ill-equipped for such weather, but that didn't stop me from getting pictures:

Angel in the snow

It doesn't look like Angel likes it much, but I think she just dislikes the rain more than the snow she's walking in.

baby snowman

My cousin Chris and I made a baby snowman (okay, I didn't do anything but supply the stick arms, but what is a snowman without arms?) that sat on the hood of my car.  The neighbors outdid us with a real (albeit very muddy) one that's way more hardcore than ours, with golfclub arms.

hardcore snowman

Sadly, since this morning all of the snow has melted, and this dirty snowman is the only reminder we have that it ever happened at all.

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