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Project Runway: Season 6 begins! ::
Friday, August 21st, 2009

Project Runway: Season 6 begins!

You know the new season of Project Runway can't start without me blogging something about it

(Unfortunately, while I was making those links right there, it reminded me that I'd already seen the designs that made it to the final show, so I feel like if I tried hard enough I could figure them out...and I don't really want to ruin it for myself!  So I'll ignore those for a little while [although judging by portfolios I'm pretty sure I know who one of them is already] and you should ignore them too if you want to stay surprised!)

SO back to the show.  Did anyone else see the All-Star episode?  I was a little sad that my bestie didn't win, but I suppose he was the only previous winner on there anyway, and another $100k probably isn't necessary in his life right now.  By the way, DID ANYONE ELSE SEE MOUNTAHA from Make Me a Supermodel MODELING FOR CHRIS?  I swear it was her. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the episode so I couldn't take a screencap.  Sorry, guys, I let you down!

Speaking of models: about Models of the the idea!  The show wasn't that great, but it's cool to see it from another point of view.  Brett and I talked years ago about how they should make that show!  It doesn't seem so competitive because...well, they're already models.  It's not as fun watching them compete as, say, the girls on America's Next Top Model or Make Me a Supermodel...but it is a nice supplement that I'm sure will have me watching every week anyway.

The new season looks like it's gonna be fun, but there are no designers that pop out at me just yet.  I think Logan, Christopher, and maybe even Mitchell will make it pretty far (despite Mitchell's terrible disaster last night--I just think it was a bad call of judgement on his part that hopefully won't be repeated), but I don't think I can predict Top 3 just yet.

Who needs to go?  Johnny!  Ugh.  He tried out 3 years in a row, FINALLY made it, and was ready to give up during the FIRST EPISODE?  Really?  Weak!  Stop crying and prove to the world why they should have picked you the first 2 times! 

Who will be the bitch/asshole of the season?  Qristyl seemed like she had a bad attitude during Models.  If she can talk to people like that in the very first episode ("don't touch me" after Mitchell took her model that she's only known for one challenge), I'm sure it can only get worse.


[edit: Found a picture of Mountaha]:

Mountaha from Make Me A Supermodel on Project Runway All-Star Challenge?

AwesomeRobot, 08/21/09 11:58 AM

I *knew* it was Mountaha as soon as I saw it. Thanks for posting that. Anyway, I though Uli should have won, but she didn't even get into the top 4. Oh well :-(

LucyLove, 08/23/09 5:04 PM

Also note the lesser known Shannon Pallay from season 1 MMaS was on there. She was Sweet P's 2nd look.

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