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Project Runway pre-finale ::
Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Project Runway pre-finale

The top 3 contestants from Project Runway have finally been announced, and Jarrell is out!  I thought for sure Kenley would finnnnalllly be out, but no.  We've been saying it for probably the past 3-4 episodes.  At this point, though, I was kind of glad she got to stay--I'm excited to see her line on the runway (okay, so I snuck a peek at't tell anyone), even if I don't feel it is entirely deserved.  I really think jerrell should have made it, but I'm not terribly bothered that he wasn't.  The top 5 all actually got to show lines anyway, since at the time of the runway show, PR still had 5 contestants.  This also means that, if you're curious, you can also see Suade's line--just not on the show.

edit:  Someone in the comments also pointed out that Joe was there.  Sorry about that, I forgot!

What upsets me, though, is Kenley's wedding dress.  Michael Kors and Nina Garcia compared it to an Alexander McQueen one that had just shown prior. is really really close.  Although she may not have intended to, Kenley totally jacked the design:

Kenley vs McQueen

The feathered part of the McQueen dress is longer, and Kenley's dress obviously has more fluff at the bottom, but even the headdress is similar.  What got me was that Kenley didn't say that she hadn't seen the McQueen design...she said "there were no sillhouettes like that!" or something to that effect.  It also resembles this one quite a bit:

Red McQueen

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the dress...but do you think it was fair that she got to advance on a design that was obviously highly influenced by a recent design of another (more famous) designer, while Jerrell got the boot?

Brett, 10/08/08 11:40 PM

Wow, that design is way too close to be coincidence!

Jw, 10/09/08 8:40 AM

She definitely did not deserve the final three spot. I really hate how they rewarded her bad attitude and middle-of-the-road skill.

L, 10/09/08 9:42 AM

I really dislike Kenley... but a dress like that takes a LONG time to make, and hadn't the McQueen dress just shown? Not enough time for her to jack the design directly, imo.

jace, 10/09/08 10:36 AM

If she said there had been no silhouettes like her dress' in McQueen's show, that would indicate that she'd seen McQueen's show. That struck me because she'd claimed earlier in the season that she didn't pay attention to what other designers out there were doing.

Danielle, 10/09/08 10:39 AM

I loved her designs and Project Runway is about the designs, not the personality. How could she have stolen the design if the McQueen show had just happened....

Jerry, 10/09/08 12:17 PM

Actually, Joe, Suede, Jerrell, Korto, Leanne and Kenley all showed, because as of 13 September Joe hadn't been eliminated yet. Check the collection pages at New York Magazine...

DawnVivant, 10/09/08 10:06 AM

L- I don't think it had JUST shown--the McQueen one was shown in February. I don't remember how much time was in between the time the designers went home and the time they showed those dresses, but I think it was after February. Don't quote me on that, though ;) I'm not saying I think she intentionally did it--she would know better than that, with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia there. They would be quick call her out on it. But I think she might have seen it somewhere and subconsciously got the "idea" for it. That's why I said "she may not have intended to" and "highly influenced". I know she has more sense than to outright steal the idea least I would hope so

DawnVivant, 10/09/08 1:17 PM

Jerry-Thanks for pointing that out, you are right...I forgot Joe was there too!

lora, 10/10/08 8:15 PM

Kenley's designs are hideous and she totally stole that dress. She was shaking her head before they even got the question out. Obviously she had seen that dress. She didn't look shocked, just guilty!!! She should have been out on the Olympic challenge, but she had immunity. She made a cocktail dress, like the weird guy who said he had impeccable taste, but couldn't sew from a pattern. Overall, this is the worst Project Runway yet! No inpiration or outstanding creativity from any of those designers...ho hummmm

al, 10/09/08 10:58 PM

i dont think that jerrell's stuff was finished looking. I think its gaudy and tacky looking. And, i think kenley is more talented.

Ami, 10/09/08 11:57 PM

I love Kenley! I see the similarities in the dress but I think it's easy to hate on her for it when you don't like her. What I don't get is that so many people have a problem with Kenley when she is simply sure and confident in her designs. Yes she doesn't hold back any punches, but the other three designers that are so young and immature. Just seem to tlak behind others backs to cover their insecurities.

Debbie, 10/11/08 7:59 AM

I love this, when in the past the men acted like this no comments were made. It is only when a women does it there is a big tadoo, oh she is bitch. Korto is a disaster now. Jerrel is over the top with putting everything but the kitchen sink in his dresses. Yes has had some nice things to. Every single one of these designes has been in the bottom 2 at one time or another they have all put out horrible things. You are right this is a competition but one that people gravitate to others to gang up on one of them. And no i don't thinks she copied the dress, if anything fashion is fashion and most of what is put out there are remakes and redesigns of what has come before.

Lisa, Gainesville Fl. , 10/11/08 9:52 AM

When you look at the design of Jerrel’s wedding dress and compare it to the others, Jerrel’s deserve to go. His dress was hideous, and that’s being kind. As Debbie, 10/11/08 7:59 AM, stated, “Every single one of these [designers have] been in the bottom two at one time or another…” Each have won a challenges and created beautiful garments. I believe; however, that it hared to put up with Kenley because of her attitude. This is an opportunity for a talent person to realize their dream, and it, the opportunity, should be honored. It should not be met with a conceited, impudence, obnoxious, insolent, and offensive attitude. For me, as a buyer, the most offensive action was when she laughs at inopportune time, and when she fails to take constructive criticism. Let’s face it, Kenley have turned out some not so pretty garments. Yet, she continued to ignore Tim, Mr. Kors, Nina, and Heidi’s critique and not grow, develop. This attitude will make it hard to work with or for her as Michael Kors stated on one of the previous episodes. Fashion is beautiful, but it is a business!!!! Kenley do not display the right attitude and the big players will have her for lunch. I believe out of the four, the three women were the right choice. However, because of those concern previously stated, Kenley should have been booted off long ago. My concern now is that they must allow her to win in order to keep up the ratings and to show they were above her offensive attitude.

joan, 10/11/08 4:55 PM

I hate Kenley, she was rude to heidi, the judges and her competition. i don't understand how they let her go to the final 3 it's not fair. The show before the final three Jerrell won the competition and he was suppose to move on not Kenley. All of the judges said her attitude was horrible and said that she could not take criticism, I thought for sure that they were going to get rid of her, but no such luck. This show needs to be cancelled because the judges are not being fair, Kenley needs to go and I hope she looses because that is what she deserves.

Joan, 10/11/08 4:57 PM

And further more she copied someone else's design, helloooooooooo, are these judges for real she must have put something in their drinks.....

Kiki Schnell, 10/11/08 5:40 PM

It's a copy. I like McQueens better. His is sleeker and better made. Kenley's looks kind of clunky in comparison

, 10/11/08 5:40 PM

First, the dress is not a "copy." It is similar, but nearly every design from anyone, even big name designers, has been seen before. Second, it is a television show - people edit what gets aired. Thus, a person can be made out to have a certain attitude even if he or she had reason to say what he or she said (which may or may not have correlated to the comment that was aired). An editor can place a series of comments together in order to make the show's ratings higher, i.e. Kenley's "attitude" creates drama and higher television ratings. Joan: The judges are being fair - they judge the design, not the personality. Jarrell's design was hideous and over-the-top. Kenley's design was more elegant - and her bridesmaid's dress was also better. Also, check out the runway collections (because even Jarrell got to put one on) - the three women displayed much better designs (creatively and meticulously).

Kento, 10/12/08 12:38 AM

Come on folks - remember Jerrel's earlier designs? They looked hideous - it was only in the last couple of weeks that he began winning competitions. Don't forget that! Kenly, to me has been a bright spot since day 1 - always seeming to smile at everyone, whether or not they had a knife aimed at her back :) And that Wedding Dress - Gorgeous - And it really doesn't look a bit like McQueen's in reality. Look closer at it folks - really close and you'll see the difference. Sure McQueen's is more polished in all places,, while Kenly's really isn't. But who cares! I'd like to believe that the best three designers got in at the end. And I'm looking forward for one of the best finals in their Project Runway's history - three excellent designers should display three wonderful collections. Kudos to all of them!

Lydia Rodriguez, 10/12/08 12:50 AM

I wantto know if there is like a penaltyfor copying another designers creation. I understand that there could be similaritys, but this dress is to close to Mc queens. Also her designs during shows the dresses were similar.

Me Again, 10/13/08 9:10 PM

Look people the dress is a copy and a poorly made copy. She clearly got her idea for her wedding gown from McQueen's dresses. There should have been a penalty. I do believe; however, that out of the four finalist, the best three designers were selected. They could always bring Terri back. Terri turned out some icretable and amazing garments, and I for one don't think she should have been boot off for one bad garment. I know, it's a rating thing.

janelle, 11/29/08 5:56 PM

Kenleys attitude might be horrible, but Jerelles dress was horrible. How the dress looks is more important than someones attitude. I think kenleys collection should have won at bryant park, hers was the most life filled, colorful, and creative one. kortos was boring and reminded me of being sick to my stomach, and the other girls, i just forgot her name, was cute but too simple on the colors. Still either her or kenleys should have overcome kortos, hers was just hideous.

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