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Racism....and hotdogs ::
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Racism....and hotdogs

No, this isn't an actual picture of the hotdogs at Walmart, but this is what it looked likeYou know what I really hate about being white and living in one of the most redneck states in the country?  The fact that random strangers think that I will happily engage in racist conversations and laugh at their racist jokes.  I know this sounds like it would be an uncommon occurrence, but I swear it happens rather often. 

The other night at Walmart there was a family two customers ahead of us in line who, I swear to God, had the biggest pile of hot dogs I have ever seen in my life.  And rice.  Like 50 lbs. of rice and 100 packs of hotdogs, all piled on the conveyor.  It was such a weird sight, and Brett and I admittedly laughed because we couldn't imagine what in the world a family of four were going to do with 1,000 hotdogs.  Rice is a staple; you can use that shit for anything, but hotdogs?  Obviously, they could have been having a party or something, but 1,000 hotdogs would mean a huge ass party.  Maybe they own a restaurant that sells hotdogs, but if that's the case they could have gone two buildings down to Sam'sand bought them by the case for cheaper.  Brett suggested maybe they have an autistic child who will eat only hotdogs, but that would be enough to feed him for 3 months.

Anyway, the lady in front of us, the one behind the hotdog people, turned to us and had a bewildered expression on, much like we probably did.  Then she started her racist comments.  The family with the hot dogs was Asian.  The first thing she said was, "I'd ask what they are going to do with all of those hotdogs, but they probably wouldn't understand me anyway." and then, "They are probably going to use them as dog food so they can eat the dogs." and then, like that wasn't enough, "Well, whatever keeps them from eating our cats!"

I've had people make comments like that to me in the bank when there were Hispanics in front of us, too.

The worst was probably this one time at work.  There was this old man, probably in his 70s, who would sometimes come in and flirt with me.  As if that wasn't creepy enough.  I work with a mixed group of people.  We're probably 45% white, 45% black, and 10% everything else (at any given time we've had Thais, Turkish, Bengali, Hispanic, whatever.)  There are times when I'm actually in the minority; this one day was one of those particular times.  This old man comes in and orders a coffee.  I ask him if he wants any cream or sugar, to which he replies, "No, I like my coffee black." Then he leans in real close and adds, glancing around at who I'm working with, "That's about the only thing I like that's black." Then he leans back out again, smiling suggestively, "Although, I wouldn't mind seeing you in a little black dress!"  So, a pickup line infused with hate.  Good job, old man.  I made some comment about it, rolled my eyes and walked away, and he hasn't really talked to me much since then.

It just blows my mind how complete strangers can assume that you share their opinion about things like that.  It's usually old people, so maybe that's just what they're used to, but they need to get with the program*.  We just got our first non-white president!  How can they think that they have a good chance of turning around in the Walmart line and finding someone just as racist as them, when the majority of people voted for our new black president?


*maybe I need to get with the program too, because I'm pretty sure no one says "get with the program" anymore.

andhari, 01/29/09 2:16 PM

youre so right..I mean people have opinions, but they shouldnt talk like that to other people who arent even super close to them or something. What they said above arent even reasonable at all.

Matt, 01/30/09 2:17 PM

Wow. That was pretty bad. I bet cats aren't very delicious. I would much rather be stereotyped to eat chicken than cats.

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