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Saturday fun, with lots of pictures of my dog that you may or may not want to see ::
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Saturday fun, with lots of pictures of my dog that you may or may not want to see

On Saturday I was off work (still haven't gotten my internship, if anyone is interested. But more about that another time. This is a happy time post) and Brett and I woke up super early to go garage saling for stuff we don't need. We finished doing that at like 10:30 and realized that on a normal weekend, we'd have just been getting up and moving.  Neither of us particularly like hanging around the house all day, so we had to find something more to do.

Brett suggested going to Lake Martin for some Geocaches located there.  We decided to bring Angel, because we had promised her earlier that we would take her to the dog park soon, and we didn't want to break our promise to the dog!  Anyway.  There was hardly anyone in the area we were in, and we were going to be walking on a path with a lake on one side and woods on the other, so we figured it would be okay to let Angel off the leash.  I'm glad we did--she never gets to roam around free, and it was really interesting to see her inner wild dog come out. 

I swear, it was like she was a completely different dog.  She was leaping gracefully over fallen branches like it was something she does all the time.  

Angel Exploring

My favorite part was when we came upon a geocache that was chained around a fallen tree which came up about a foot or two off the ground.  While Brett and I were attempting to open the box, Angel jumped on top of the tree out of nowhere and started running back and forth on it like a freaking Olympic gymnast.  This is the same dog who can't jump onto the sofa or our laps without some awkwardness, constantly conking her head on the coffee table or sliding backwards back onto the ground after an unsuccessful jump.

Angel the Gymnast

Angel the Gymnast 2

The view was really beautiful, and it was definitely a really relaxing day.



Brett pier

We ended up walking about 4-5 miles, about halfway around the lake; even Angel was exhausted.  This is how she rode nearly the entire way home:

Angel Sleeping

For reference, this is how she rode on the way there, and how she rides everywhere always:

Angel Window

andhari, 01/28/09 1:20 AM

sooooooooo cuteee :)

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