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Sickness! ::
Friday, January 9th, 2009


I think that the reason I stay sick so long every time is because I am one of those people who refuses to act sick.  I can't stay in bed all day sipping chicken noodle soup and Sprite to make me feel better.  For one, because I hate both chicken noodle soup and Sprite because they are what my mom used to give me when I was sick and now they just make me feel even MORE sick.  A glass of Sprite on a day when I feel fine is enough to make me nauseated.  Secondly, because I can't just make myself stay in bed all day!  It's boring, and I feel the need  to go out and DO something, even if that something is just going to the dollar store to get some toilet paper to later shove into my nasal passages.

andhari, 01/10/09 4:08 AM

im sorry you got sick..and im just like you, i cant just do nothing and sit all day! maybe you need to do relaxing stuff outside, hang out somewhere? it always takes my mind off things and will help me get better..maybe it works for you :)

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