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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008


So, I'm a pretty bad blogger. I always end up doing this: I get a new blog, livejournal, whatever, post in it a handful of times, then promptly begin neglecting it. This time I am trying not to do that. But, I've been a little busy:

1. Working out. Brett and I got a membership at Snap, and I've been doing my best to keep up with it, despite the fact that last week I didn't stretch properly and did something to my quads and could barely walk down stairs for like 3 days.

2. Working. Mechacon is coming up so we are printing lots of shirts and also trying to come up with new products. I've begun experimenting with resin jewelry, which is fun but not turning out just right. I'm still trying to work out a few issues I've been having. Pictures coming shortly.

3. Trying to enjoy my summer break before I begin school again next Monday.

4. Writing a novel--not the aforementioned one; I'm putting that one on hold. This one was actually something I semi-started in high school and decided to pick up again. And by "pick up again" I mean "restart from complete scratch." I've been doing research on how to get a novel published, and while I don't completely have that much faith in my work, I still think it would be a fun experience and I could get lucky! Plus it's just fun. The problem for me is, as I stated before, that every time I go back and read something I've written I hate it and want to re-do it all over again. This could result in me writing this thing for the rest of my life, and that is NOT fun.

5. Playing with Adobe Premier. I've had a video camera since Valentine's Day and have yet to make anything of any worth, but now that I have Premier I am looking forward to making fun little movies. Brett and I are thinking of doing a Lafayette version of the Sopranos' opening, and maybe a Lavergne in Shirley one. I may also do some video blogs now and then, even though I don't particularly like being in *front* of the camera. So we'll see about that.

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