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Visual Arts vs. Business ::

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    Wed Dec 31st 1969
    06:00 pm

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    "Ive become impatient when people claim they don't care about clothes. They still dress every morning, and if they are going to reject fashion, they still need clothes to show it. Style rebellion is still a form of self-expression."
    ~Miuccia Prada

    Monday, May 5th, 2008

    Visual Arts vs. Business

    It is nearly the end of the semester, and it has been a long one. This was my first semester in the Business Department, having just changed my concentration from Fashion Design to Fashion Merchandising, and I think I regret it.

    The College of Business is the complete opposite of the Visual Arts Department. The first thing that screamed to me, "This is gonna be the worst semester ever!" was the overuse of contracts. In Accounting we not only had to sign agreements at the beginning of the semester agreeing not to cheat on anything, we also had to sign a contract before every test stating that we (again) would not cheat, would not have a cell phone on our person, and would put our backpacks in the designed area. Every time we turned in a big assignment we had to sign a contract stating that we did not receive any outside help and that every part of the homework was our own.
    In BSAT we signed the same contracts at the beginning of the semester. Now that we have reached the end, those of us who were lucky enough to be exempt from the final had to sign a page stating that we were fine with our grades and did not wish to take the final and that if we were to take the final we couldn't make anything higher (than an A).
    It's pretty nuts. I guess I'm used to art classes where it's obvious if you copied someone else's work-- where you aren't SUPPOSED to have the same finished project in the first place. Even the English department isn't so obsessive. We agree not to plagiarize and that's the end of it--we don't sign a contract every time we turn in a paper stating that we didn't download it from the internet. It's a given!

    I miss my VIAR classes. I miss sitting in class for 3 hours at a time, staring at a computer screen in frustration because my project isn't coming out like I want it to (and starting it over several times); I miss having the opportunity to try different media and have TIME to work on projects that I have genuine interest in; I miss coming out of class with a finished project that I could be PROUD of, an item that no one else has. I think that is the biggest thing--that feeling of accomplishment. Although I am sure I have As and Bs in most of my classes this semester (with the exception of Geology, which is probably a C) I still don't feel that sense of accomplishment that I feel when I complete an art class with an A AND an awesome work of art. I feel so empty! And aside from that, I have no time to even work on anything creative anymore.

    Speaking of which, I did end up turning something in to the creative writing contest. And it really was last minute. I had started out writing something that was pretty much turning into more of a novel than a short story, so I scrapped it and started over writing this thing that just came to me. I don't expect it to win; I never did, but I am glad I forced myself to do it. It really makes me want to write again (I was almost an English major when I started college), I just don't feel incredibly inspired by anything lately. My English professor, also the judge of the contest, said that there were some things working for it and some things that didn't, so we will just have to see. She didn't really elaborate, and I'm not going to push it--she will probably give me some sort of feedback by the semester's end, and if not it doesn't matter either. I enjoy writing, but I feel the same way about it as I do my art and fashion design work: it's never as good as I know it could have been; I see every flaw during the process, and that just forces me to try harder next time. It's a neverending battle with myself, really. If I didn't have a due date for anything, nothing would ever be completed because I feel the need to revise every little thing (which is probably why my original story turned into a novel--it was too much time before the due date, giving me too much time in advance to hate it and decide not to use it. By the time I looked over the second piece, it was practically time to turn it in and I didn't have time to undo everything or decide not to submit it altogether)

    seanburgers, 05/26/08 4:29 AM

    eh? Am I missing something? I was waiting for a link or something directing me to the story you wrote. I'm interested in reading it. I was never too interested in writing contests and actually going to school for writing. I figure if you enjoy doing something in life you should just do it and have a good time. So hopefully at the very least you had a good time writing it :q

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