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Watercolor work ::
Friday, September 12th, 2008

Watercolor work

School is cancelled today due to Hurricane Ike (which is not even projected to come near us, might I add) so I have time for a post and some other things I need  to get done around the house.  As cool as it might seem that the semester just started and we've already had 3 or 4 days off, it only means that we will have that many fewer days of Fall or Winter break.

I've been getting back into graphic design again as of late.  While I was a Fashion Design student I was so bogged down with that work that I didn't have time to do anything else on my own.  Taking 2-3 art classes which are 2-3 hours long each on top of regular lecture classes really has a way of sucking away all your free time.  So now that I am a little freer (and I really mean A LITTLE), I've been trying to expand my portfolio a little bit.  I have a really hard time sharing things that I feel are just my experiments, but I decided to suck it up share this one anyway.  (The full thing is in my gallery.)

I want to try and start posting at least 1 piece of my developing portfolio a week--maybe not necessarily something new every week, but something to get me motivated at least.  That means I will have to go reach into the depths of my old dying computer and get it together, something I've been needing to do anyway.


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