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What Ive been listening to lately ::
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

What Ive been listening to lately

Working two retail jobs, I hear a lot of the same music playing over and over, all day long on repeat for several weeks in a row until we get a new DVD/CD/software update/whatever every month.  Sometimes, the same band will stay with us for several months in a row.  Some songs play at BOTH jobs.  

As a result, I've developed quite an intimate relationship with some of them.  I mean, I wake up with them every morning, listen to them tell me their feelings 3+ times a day, then carry them around in my head (unwillingly, might I add--they're just ridiculously catchy) for the remainder of the day until I fall asleep, then I wake up and it starts over.

Today I'm off at both jobs (an event that occurs once every two weeks or so) and you know what?  I kind of miss them.

The songs, I mean, not the jobs. 

So here I am, about to clean the apartment, and I decided to invite these guys to help me, along with some other friends I don't have to hear on a regular basis:


  1. Phoenix - 1901
  2. Passion Pit - Better Things
  3. 1990s - You're Supposed to Be my Friend
  4. Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum
  5. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
  6. The Unicorns - I was Born (a Unicorn)
  7. Phoenix - Lisztomania
  8. Matt & Kim - Yea

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