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Yes, Brett, Pride and Prejudice is JUST LIKE the OC ::
Monday, January 5th, 2009

Yes, Brett, Pride and Prejudice is JUST LIKE the OC

"Whatcha doin'?"

"Reading this stupid book.  I can't put it down!"

"Which book?"

"Pride and Prejudice"

"I thought you hated that book!"

"Well, I did!  It's about some stupid girls going to these fancy parties with rich guys and all their stupid relationships.  They don't even do anything!"

"Oh, so it's like the OC then."

This is going to be a short post, because I have seven hours before it's time for work, so I need to get some sleep.  My first real day at my new job!  And then directly after that I have to go to my old job which I still haven't put in my two weeks for yet.  So I will be working from 5am to 8pm...If you consider 4 hours' worth of sitting in a car to and from the work destination work

Tomorrow if I'm not dying of fatigue I will have a New Year's Resolution post.  What?  It's not even a week late yet!  Really, it just took me that long to marinate in my thoughts about the whole thing. 

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