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Yo Gabba Gabba! ::
Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba!

The Yo Gabba Gabba! gang

MC Bat CommanderSo a few weeks ago while channel-surfing using TiVo's guide, I came across a title of a show called "Yo Gabba Gabba!" on Nick Jr. It was just near the end, so I missed it, but I was asking myself "Who would create a kid's show with a Ramone's reference in the title?" and promptly ran to the internet to see. The answer?: a band of superheros from Aquabania would, of course! Yes, that's right, the Aquabats (or, more namely, MC Bat Commander himself) decided to make a kid's show. Of course I had to put it on Season Pass and, as the show's host DJ Lance Rock would say, "It's awesome!"

Although Brett and I fast-forward through the boring parts (like the parts where just Foofa is singing alone), we like to watch it to see who today's guest is. Some of the regular guests include Mark Mothersbaugh and Biz Markie and some of the special guests have been: Elijah Wood, Tony Hawk, The Aggrolites, Shiny Toy Guns, the Shins, and Rahzel. Annnnd of course the Aquabats themselves show up from time to time. Another reason to watch is the important lessons to be learned through songs like "Don't Bite Your Friends" and "Don't Throw Things at Friends". Unfortunately, a lot of YGG videos have been removed from YouTube (like Don't Bite Your Friends) but there are some left:

So what brought me to just blogging about this today? Because I learned that YGG merch exists for grownups, and I must own something. Kid Robot has some YGG items too, including toys and clothing. Here are my favorites (from both Yo Gabba Gabba's store and KidRobot):

YGG hoodie

Party in my Tummy!

YGG Tank


I will find it hard to justify spending $165 on a hoodie, though.

shitshead, 05/27/09 11:11 PM

hgff wat the fuk! doode! this shiat is soo so so off teh hook! biatch dayum imma get me some a dem clothes

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