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    Wed Dec 31st 1969
    06:00 pm

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    "Write it all down. Without accurate records of the past, how can men and women be expected to avoid making serious mistakes in the future?"
    ~Bokonon (as per Vonnegut)

    I finally tell a little about myself

    Dear Internet, I am warning you now that this post is probably going to make me sound like some bitter, horrible person, but I'm going to do it anyway because I just realized that OMG CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY.

    I had a few topics in mind for this List Monday, but on my way home from work last night while listening to my Zune on shuffle. A lot of times I put my music on shuffle in my car or at work during close, and something comes on that makes me go "wtf?" and anyone within earshot goes "wtf are you listing to?" so these are some of the WTF bands that can be found there (in alphabetical order because, you know, that's how they're listed in there):

    "first, no tagbacks. me five dollars. Third...write some random stuff about yourself. Fourth...don't tag anybody else because seriously, this was supposed to be way easier than it was and finally...send me five dollars."



    So like...I haven't blogged in forever, and last time I did it was pretty lame. But certain things have been preventing my online, life. It's my last (real) semester, and even though I'm only taking 9 credit hours it's been pretty hardcore. As I type, there are two projects I shouold be working on--one, a ten-to-fifteen-pagepaper on a department store I'd never even heard of before having it assigned to me, and the other a location analysis for the boutique of a lace designer who is impossible to get in touch with....


    Fun stuff happens on random NOLA trips!