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A new life goal for me

I have a swamp at my school.

Yes, it is still a week before Thanksgiving and yes, it might be premature of me to be promoting this as the last entry before then, but I'm going to assume that I'm probably not going to be posting again within the week...because I haven't quite gotten myself into the habit of blogging on a regular basis.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! It was a nice relaxing day for me. We didn't do a huge thing, just a small family event. Like I said on Thanksgiving, I only have two family members living here, and Brett has..none, so we usually do things low-key. For Thanksgiving a family friend spent the day with us, but she wasn't feeling well for Christmas and was unable to join us this time. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our Christmas hamburgers, opened gifts, and got to see my dad's side of the family on Yahoo Messenger's video chat. My sister and I drank entirely too much wine, I think, and giggled incessantly at everything...

Does anyone else find it fascinating that the kids nowadays are watching the same cartoons our grandparents probably saw when they were kids?

You know what I really hate about being white and living in one of the most redneck states in the country? The fact that random strangers think that I will happily engage in racist conversations and laugh at their racist jokes. I know this sounds like it would be an uncommon occurrence, but I swear it happens rather often.

Okay so I hadn't posted in a little while and I had these big fantastic ideas about making up for it by posting some fun Mardi Gras stuff: talking about parades and king cake and whatever else. I even had a video set up to share! I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to first get it off of the recorder (it's not like I'd never done videos before! I just couldn't remember how all of a sudden) and thennnn all this time trying to upload it directly from Youtube with the program it came with, and thennnn when that didn't work I finally figured out where on my computer went and uploaded it manually by myself. Then there's this waiting period where it has to be put live, which is why I'm talking about it today instead of yesterday.


Banksy installed some pieces in New Orleans nearly nine months ago, and there was word that many of them were already being covered up. BUT, as it turns out, there is still at least one left!