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Hope everyone had a great Christmas! It was a nice relaxing day for me. We didn't do a huge thing, just a small family event. Like I said on Thanksgiving, I only have two family members living here, and Brett has..none, so we usually do things low-key. For Thanksgiving a family friend spent the day with us, but she wasn't feeling well for Christmas and was unable to join us this time. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our Christmas hamburgers, opened gifts, and got to see my dad's side of the family on Yahoo Messenger's video chat. My sister and I drank entirely too much wine, I think, and giggled incessantly at everything...

So like...I haven't blogged in forever, and last time I did it was pretty lame. But certain things have been preventing my online, life. It's my last (real) semester, and even though I'm only taking 9 credit hours it's been pretty hardcore. As I type, there are two projects I shouold be working on--one, a ten-to-fifteen-pagepaper on a department store I'd never even heard of before having it assigned to me, and the other a location analysis for the boutique of a lace designer who is impossible to get in touch with....

Fun stuff happens on random NOLA trips!