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Update on YGG merchandise

Brett and I ran into Jeffrey Sebelia, of Project Runway fame, in Little Tokyo

(aka Kenley Collins vs. Alexander McQueen?) Images courtesy of

The first of a series of fashion illustration images done last year

I always know when something new has come out about Jeffrey Sebelia, or when reruns of Project Runway are on, because everyone ends up getting here by searching "jeffrey sebelia wife" or "jeffrey sebelia mustache" or "jeffrey sebelia cassandra church" and I feel a little bad that my blog doesn't actually offer all that much to help you with your search...other than that one time I met Jeffrey in Little Tokyo and posted that picture of me with him and that awesome mustache.

Wednesday was also the day of my haircut. I know I just got one two weeks earlier, but um..I hated it already. I also got Brett to dye it red for me (it has been black for the last year or so, brown or blond before that....I haven't had red in a few years, I think) and I realized yesterday when I put on a headband that it looks like the girl (android, apparently?) from that anime The Big O...

My entry today was going to be my top 5 list of style role models, but in the search for good pictures of each of them, I got totally sidetracked and ended up just looking at pictures of one. So today, I present to you #1

You know the new season of Project Runway can't start without me blogging something about it!

I have recently come to terms with the fact that I have a horrible, horrible addiction to accessories. I don't mean regular, grown up jewelry with real silver or gold and gems and whatever. I mean silly plastic jewels and rings with gigantic parts on them. Feather headbands and plastic barrettes. Hats, too, recently. I can now say that I own more than one hat! And scarves! With the impending Winter I've recently gotten into wearing scarves. However, I've also become really pretty poor lately (probably partially due to the accessories obsession, to be completely honest) so I thought I'd try my hand at some DIY projects now that I've completed my latest huge one (wedding aside...we're pretending that doesn't exist for now.) So here are a couple for you: