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So, I'm sitting here watching Maury..why, I don't know. Well, yeah, I do. Because I accidentally missed the "4" in "34" when trying to switch to CNN, and it landed on "3" instead and I didn't feel like changing it. Anyway, Maury is pretty good for when you feel like watching something that requires no intelligence, and when you want to know "Who IS this baby's father?" A far cry from the CNN I was really intending to watch! Anyway, my shopping is done today!...

My weekly etsy picks--relaxing bath salts, foot scrubs, etc

My favorite etsy items with a springtime theme

My name is Dawn and I like to dance!

Update on YGG merchandise

Dear Internet, I am warning you now that this post is probably going to make me sound like some bitter, horrible person, but I'm going to do it anyway because I just realized that OMG CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY.